Culinary delights inspired by the seasons of the year

Denmark’s shifting seasons are among the chief sources of inspiration when our chefs create their culinary delights. Each new season brings with it uniquely crunchy and tasty fruit and vegetables, and once our chefs have worked their magic in the Coastal Road kitchen, Danish seasonal produce really hits the spot. In this way, we pamper your taste buds, your health and the environment all at once.

We consider sustainability to be a point of honour, and for this reason we swear by organic produce. We are also ReFood-certified. This means that we work actively to reduce waste throughout the value chain – from farm to fork and from fork to farm.

Seasonal Danish raw ingredients always hit the spot

Dedicated chefs with a burning passion for their art

Food nerds with a burning passion

Our dedicated chefs have a burning passion for their art, and they don’t mind being called food nerds. They love to experiment and reinterpret classic dishes, finding inspiration in everything from old, wrinkled family recipes to restaurants and culinary meccas at home and abroad.

In our opinion, a good conference experience goes hand in hand with a good gastronomic experience. To give the dishes a unique touch, we source the majority of our fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and game from carefully selected suppliers in Djursland. Bon appétit!

Best enjoyed with a good glass of wine or beer

In keeping with the fact that the vast majority of our raw materials are organic, we naturally offer organic wines and both bottled and draught beer from our local brewery, Nordic Brewery.

We are here to give you the best possible experience at Kystvejen’s Hotel & Conference Center, so if you have any special requests for food or wine then please let us know. We will do everything we can to make your wishes a reality.

Naturally we also serve organic beers and wines